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All of the ladies provided phenomenal service!



Excellent service and quality workmanship. I had some of my mothers jewlery that I wanted to have remade into a ring and necklace for myself, and two additional necklaces for my daughter and granddaughter. Mr. Gala and the entire staff were so helpful and knowledgeable in helping me design these custom pieces. I am extremely pleased with the results. Each piece is unique and beautiful. I would highly recommend Gala Jewelers to anyone with custom jewelery needs.

Cheri L.


I am a huge fan of Pandora and several other of the jewelry lines that Gala's sales. The staff in the store are very knowledgeable, friendly and personable. They continuously think of their customers and their needs and wants. Cannot walk in the store without checking the jewelry out before I leave. Usually walk in for a repair and walk out making an addition purchase, due to the quality of jewelry and staff.

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Carrie L.


Huuuuge Pandora Jewelry Collection sold here! I have been in this location a few times, specifically for Pandora jewelry and they have a great...READ MORE